Monday, October 2, 2017

The Two Party System - As Explained by the Alien President

Part 6

With only five days till the presidential elections, Gryx decided to brush up on the country’s political system. He wanted to know just enough so he wouldn’t inadvertently out himself as an alien. That kind of thing was bound to make his life complicated and he liked his life as simple as it could possibly get.
A quick search on the InterNet told him his country of choice had adopted something that was essentially a two party system. Legally more parties could join the fight, but historically the battle for presidency had been waged between two major camps.
This surprised Gryx. Even he could see it was impossible to condense the wishes of 400 million people into just two distinct viewpoints. There was no way to capture all their needs and hopes and dreams in such a limited setup. But, as he read on, he realized the system had some merit, or at least, the humans had found the only logical way to split their people into two groups. Truth be told, Gryx felt their solution was somewhat elegant.
Essentially the two main parties represented two distinct and disjunct ways of thinking: short-term vs long-term.
If your goal was to make as much money as possible without having to worry about the consequences, then the short-term party was for you. You might, for instance, see great opportunities to make some bucks selling hand-weapons to people in the streets. Or you’d like to see an increase in laws that would help poor people pay more bills for rich people, because you happened to be rich at the time. Or perhaps you had a cool idea for the planet’s natural resources and didn’t mind wasting them or causing a mess in the air and the oceans. Those kinds of ideas fitted very nicely in a short-term way of thinking.
On the other hand, if you had children, or happened to care about the future of the human race for some other crazy reason, then you might not want, say, all kinds of unstable individuals getting access to high velocity weaponry. And you’d probably take offense to distributing wealth in a 5% vs 95% ratio. You might even feel that polluting the planet was a bad idea and that natural resources should only ever be used sensibly. That kind of strange thinking would, of course, align you with the long-term party.
Not only was this system elegant, Gryx felt it was also highly efficient. The parties contrasted so clearly that he doubted anyone had to spend more than a few seconds deciding which side of the proverbial wall they wanted to end up on. That freed up a lot of time and mental resources.
For Gryx the choice was clear. He needed to get off-planet and he needed to get off quickly. Short-term was the only option for him. Burning up some backwater planet’s resources or its ability to sustain a lasting society weren’t high on his list. ... Continue reading.

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