Monday, November 5, 2012

Leverage on Victorian Era Love

Leverage on Victorian Era Love:

How did people survive in Victorian times?

He tries to imagine writing out a letter long hand with a quill. Perhaps running out of ink and having to wait till Monday to buy more. Then finishing the letter, sealing it, and riding off to some kind of post office in the next town over. Waiting in line. Paying up and trying not to scream when he finds out the last coach left on Saturday and his letter will sit in a sack at the back of the room until next week. After which it will finally start its 5 week journey to his beloved. Who won’t be able to get word back to him before the end of next month. And that’s assuming neither coach gets robbed.

No wonder people died so young!

Strictly for emergencies:
Is it bad form to ask someone with long hair for a hair to floss with??

Questions on life:

Why do we feel, deep down, that balloons are not allowed to touch the ground?


I still remember when they switched internet off at night...

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