Sunday, April 5, 2015

Get my Twitter Freebies

A lot has happened in the last few months.
Actually, three things have happened, but to me that’s a lot. Come to think of it, more than three things have probably happened – the world, I’m told, is a fairly large place – but only three things I feel I have the insight to talk about right now.

First, the screenplay version of No Hope for Gomez! has won several awards. Second, the paperback and kindle versions have a new cover, and thirdly, I’ve finally been able to get the twitter handle I wanted. So, to save myself the embarrassment of having a near negative number of followers, I’m going to shamelessly raffle off a few copies of my novels to people who follow me on twitter this week ;)

Start Twitter-stalking me here for free goodies.

Of course, chaos theory more or less states that even tiny, random events like following me on twitter can easily cause the world to become a much, much better place, so, when you think about it, you’re just doing your bit to save the planet ;)

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