Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quotes You really shouldn't read!

Assorted quotes from "No Hope for Gomez!"

"Sadly, my socks are like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike." — Graham Parke

"I shouted the perfect words to scare him off. It was just the delivery (and only the delivery) that made me sound like a twelve-year-old girl with pee running down her leg.
I felt dirty and stupid." — Gomez

“I’d like to get a Coke with you after work. I mean, after your work, of course, and mine, also. After both our works. Sorry I didn’t make that clear.” – Dr. Christine Hargrove

“There was nothing I could do to stop Warren from walking down the stairs with me, so I shrugged and picked up the pace. As he started talking, I increased my pace further. At one point I tried taking two steps at a time, but that, apparently, only works well on the way up.” – Gomez

“Some hats go well with business suits, most hats don’t, but nothing goes quite as badly with a business suit as a sombrero, which is what the guy was wearing.”- Gomez

“I’m wearing a really sexy outfit. It’s especially tight around my breasts and it completely hides my uneven shoulders.” – Dr. Christine Hargrove

“Every once in a while you come across a novel that reminds you why you think you enjoy reading in the first place. A novel so fresh and new that it reacquaints you with feelings of childhood wonder. The novel my neighbor Warren wrote was, quite possibly, the very first example I’d come across of the exact opposite of this.” – Gomez

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