Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to make less money, Fast!

More and more readers are threatening to buy my weird little novel ‘No Hope for Gomez!’ and in the process make me disgustingly rich and popular. As I always hated the popular kids in school, and I have a profound distrust of the rich, I’ve obviously been working hard at staying piss-poor and disgruntled. So far, so good. I’m very disgruntled and, better yet, I’ve found another way of making even less money on writing than I ever did before!

I’ve found a service that gives away high (and low) quality eBooks for free. You can read them on your PC in a variety of formats and most eReaders are supported also. So what better home to choose for my new eNovella? Not only can readers download it for free, there is no pesky DRM so they can share it with each other over email, usb sticks, morse code (like twitter or smoke signals, but many times more modern) and more.

Click the image above or one of the links below to get your free book.

eNovella in PDF
eNovella in kindle/mobi
eNovella in epub

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