Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This thing about shoes – a male perspective

I believe that there is a strong possibility that women have a secret mission. Subconsciously, at least, they feel the need to obtain a single pair of shoes for each day of the year. They may not be aware of this themselves, but ask any woman who owns less than 365 pairs of shoes whether she has enough shoes, and you’ll have your answer.
At least for that year.

But why is this? Ask any man to describe any pair of his girlfriend’s shoes and he’ll draw blanks. This is information we simply do not store. It isn’t useful, it’d be an inefficient use of storage resources. In fact, put a man on a beach for a week in flip-flops and ask him to describe his own shoes back home, and he’ll probably describe a pair he owned in high school. If he describes anything at all. More likely he’ll just run away to find a ball or a monster truck or something. Shoes just cannot hold our attention (barring a few weird guys with sneaker collections, of course.)

It’s a universal truth that most guys own exactly 3 pairs of shoes:

1. His normal shoes.
2. His sports shoes.
3. His previous pair of normal shoes*

*) this pair is never worn but he’s afraid to throw them out. In his mind he may need them at some point, perhaps when he has to paint the house or when he loses his current shoes in a freak shoe-related incident. They will be thrown out on the day that a new pair of shoes is finally bought, and his current pair becomes his previous pair. It will be like a changing of the guards.

Read the rest [and play the shoe game] here...

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